My name is Marie-Pierre (call me Marie :)).
I studied Graphic Arts and Illustration at the Saint-Luc Institute of Arts in Liège.

I worked 12 years at RTBF (French-speaking Belgian Radio Television) as a motion designer, then 5 years at Mithra as motion designer and illustrator.
Besides, I have always continued to work on other projects as independent.
And then I became a mother. I am currently in professional "break" to take care of my son. I have always dreamed of taking a break from "work", I realize that I miss it, that I need to create.
But this break is salutary. She allowed me to give motion design lessons a few months in the school where I did my graduate studies. It has been a rewarding experience that I want to try again. And most importantly, this break allows me to focus on what I would really like to do now. ^ - ^
So here I am on my way to explore new horizons.

Thank you for your visit on my site and for your curiosity. <3